Born and raised a creative I have a never ending supply of artistic outlets and inspiration. 


I am mostly inspired by whimsical worlds of the imagination - mythology (especially Greek and Aztec Gods and Goddesses), children stories, fantastical beings (both my own and others creations), and also the intriguing behaviours and experiences of  human life here on earth - climate change, mental health, family and friendships.

My style is expressive of the child within  shown through my mark making and a vibrant colour pallet along with many textures and layers. I am very experimental with my work and am always looking for new ways to improve and develop. If you have a project you think would suit me drop me a message via my 'Contact' page.

Studied Illustration with Animation at Manchester Metropolitian University.

Based in Liverpool, UK

Clients and Collaborations

Trippy Visions (2018), Dig Deep For Mind (2018), Off The Radar MCR (2018), Loose Lips (2018), Creative Digest (2018), Nght Wrk (2018), Sense In Dimensions (2018), Manchester School of Art (2018), Limbo Radio (2019), Zico Wonders by Sunil Balan (2019), The Queen And The Magician by Tracey Ryan (2019), The Liverpool Art Book (2019), The Adventures of Gaila And The Dying Sun by Tanja Hansson (2019), She is Me by Adriana Spears (2019), Liam The Squirrel by Meaghan McIrvin (2019), Powered By Candy by Topper Sundquist (2019), Wiggle by Jeff Zilch (2020), The Adventures Of Logan And Scruffy by Erin Pickett (2020), Awise (2019), Love Not Hate Magazine (2019) Tech The Nano-Tech Warrior by Chris Pearson (2020), Bloom In Doom Magazine (2020), Liam's Christmas by Meaghan McIrvin (2020), Lovely Lucy Goes To School by Chis and Lila Love (2020), Love You Times Gazillion by Kaitlin Clark (2020)