Little Nimbus Cloud

For many gloomy days,

i've waited oh so patiently...

for streams of sunrays

to push

those unsympathetic waves of grey


They last only momentarily,

filling the same sky with buoyancy,

which rids this soul of transiency.

A little nimbus cloud

to many is not much,

but my little nimbus cloud

revives me, 

with one touch.

I have grown a second shadow

which shouldn't belong to me.

It comes and goes,

never flows.

I lie low,

hope it won't show,

tip toe,

even though,

it continues to grow, and grow,

and grow.

Second Shadow

Blame The Incubus

Initially an intriguing imposter.

Temptress, you've become headless

you fool, how?

Blame the Incubus,

the imposter had you hooked,

tempted the Temptress.

You reeled yourself in, you fool.

You are hypocrisy at its finest,

will warn but not to be warned,

will blame but not to be blamed,

what a predicament.

Blame the Incubus, the imposter!

He reeled you in.

Not the Temptress, the hypocrite.

You hooked yourself.


you fool.


Internally Churning

The cogs are turning, 

internally churning,

intensely working, burning fuel.

Yet the bulb in my mind

is just about flickering.

All the energy is surging,

the fuse box blows.

The battery has gone bust...

I need to recharge.

Repair the circut,

be able to function...

The cogs start turning,

internally churning. 

Sleepy Head

Rise and shine, sleepy head.

Start your day, get out of bed.

You make me smile and

light my way...

You are my dawn.

You are my day.