Powered By Candy

Written by Topper Sundquist
Illustrated by Bethany Evelyn and Ophelia Sundquist

Cleaning a messy room? That could take all morning! Creating an autonomous cybernetic artificial intelligence to clean it for us? Much easier... Until it escapes! Can you imagine? Ignoring its responsibilities like that? Powered By Candy is a story about the fantastical lengths some children (and let's face it, adults too) will go to avoid a little bit of work. Inspired by Topper Sundquist's own children, and a badly-paraphrased quote by the immortal Stephen Fry: "I was the sort of youth who would run five miles away from school just to avoid running two miles during gym class". Unlike real life, though, Brother and Sister learn some valuable lessons along the way, and still get to earn their sweet rewards.

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